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Share your ideas on how to improve the minigames that are currently implemented in the game.


Postby fishy » Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:42 pm


I love this game, so here are a few things I had in mind as far as feedback.

In order of my importance:
  • Some kind of Balance for when someone leaves. Maybe an AI that's good at the game.
    -The worst thing that happens, is when someone leaves, and team matches are uneven and unfair. It seems for me, every game I play at least one person will leave, because that's just how StarCraft is now a days.
  • More Minigames.
    -There are plenty of ideas for new ones. Just play any other party game.
    -Ex)1vsAll, button mashers, team puzzles, etc...
  • Achievements should be added in
  • New maps keeps things fresh for those who get bored easily.
  • More characters, as I notice there are a lot of empty slots
  • New music is always fun, even though I think what's there is already pretty good.
  • Update the changelog in the game info section of the Arcade so the game doesn't look abandoned.

This is by far the most polished game I've ever seen on the Arcade, good work.

Additionally, I love to use the StarCraft II Editor, so if you ever need help testing/fixing bugs, or miscellaneous tasks, I'm happy to help. I frequent sc2mapster and try to post tutorials there every so often.
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Re: Improvements

Postby Fenix » Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:32 pm

Uneven team balance is already something we take into consideration and have balanced minigames like Clash of minds, Freeze Tag and Power Disk. Things like faster cooldown for FT, or more impact on the push for CoM. It's always tricky to blance uneven team because it really depends on the skills of eatch players too, not just "the game" itself.

We will be adding 3 new minigames for sure and hopefully more in the futur. About different gameplay like 1vAll or puzzles, these are interesting idea that we would like to explore, but not yet. Not until we have a solid base like 20-25 minigames or so.

Achievements is something we wish to add but have not yet started. Things like finishing Star Gauntlet within 60 sec, finishing first, or saving X amount of players in Freeze Tag, etc. is something we would like to add. More than that, we'd like to add personal records that would be kept across eatch games so you can try to beat yourself at eatch minigame.

There will be 1 new board and more variations for Tournament. The main problem here is the creation of the Events during a board. It is somewhat complicated and you would expect a new terrain to have new events or gameplay.

We won't add new characters for now, but new stuff about the current ones will be added.

New music, maybe, I don't know, if something feels good and fun, why not.

Anytime we'll be updating the map, it will have updates on the changlog too.

I hope this anwsers most of your points ;)
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