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Star Party Minigames

  • Fire disks to knock the larger disks across your opponents goal line
  • First to 7 points or most points when timer expires
  • Hold Left-Click to charge the shot and pierce through other disks
Freeze Tag
  • Freeze enemies with your ice ability
  • Unfreeze allies with your fire ability
  • Freeze ALL enemy units
Cowboy Duel
  • Use the Left-Click to Shoot
  • Everyone dies with one hit
  • Take cover behind terrain objects
  • Last man standing wins
  • Aim for the feet
  • Use the Left-Click to Shoot
  • Everyone dies with one hit
  • Take cover behind terrain objects
  • RED versus BLUE: last team standing wins the round
  • Aim for the feet
Shot Bomb Blast
  • In this hot-potato style game, throw the bomb to your enemies and avoid explosions to survive
  • Be careful not to fall off the edge!
  • Last man standing wins
  • You can cast a Throw by simply right-clicking on your target
Clash of Minds
  • Use your psionic abilities to disrupt enemy players
  • Push the energy ball to the enemy altar
  • Destroy the enemy altar with the energy ball
  • Be the team that pushed the most the energy ball when the timer runs out
  • Always channel whenever you can
Baneling Rush Demo
  • Kill banelings that are YOUR color before they kill you (simply right-click on them)
  • Last man standing wins
  • Black banelings will shake camera
Star Gauntlet
  • Make it through various obstacles to reach the end
  • If you die, you restart at the last checkpoint
  • Reach the finish line before the end of the timer
Avoid a Void
  • Target tiles to destroy them
  • If you stand over a hole, you fall through and die
  • Last man standing wins
  • Target the center of big tiles to destroy more at once
Food Fight
  • Bring back as much Fruit as possible to your Beacon
  • The "Bonus Fruit" is worth twice the points of other ones, and spawns with a blue glow under it
  • The player with the most points wins
  • Keep moving to keep your movement speed high
Balloon Hunters
  • Kill balloons to gain points
  • Land on a repair pad to regenerate your health and energy
  • First to 120 points wins
  • Use the 'Epicenter' spell in conjunction with the 'Bomb' spell
Hovergear Havok
  • Use the impact force of your Hovergear to push enemy units off the platform
  • The "Charge" ability is casted toward where your unit is facing: it can be activated with a left-click
  • Last man standing wins
Fireball Frenzy
  • Dodge the fireballs (they spawn in the middle)
  • Avoid touching the circle-boundary
  • Last man standing wins
  • The fireballs always attack the closest enemy: use your third spell ("Decoy") to divert them
Starbomb Demo
  • Lay bombs to blow up boxes and your enemies
  • Boxes drop pickups which can give you the edge to win
  • Last man standing wins
  • You can stunt players by kicking a bomb on them
  • Stunt player can be pick up and throw in the grinder
Glimpse Count
  • You will get a very short glimpse at an area filled with units: count them as fast as you can
  • Submit your guess by entering it in the Chat area and pressing 'Enter'
  • The number will vary between 25 and 40
  • The closest equivalent guesses win